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Note: Actual 'swirl' bracelets will be a unique mixture of your swirled colors and therefore cannot be represented precisely. There may also be some blending of colors where overlapping occurs (for example: if you have a blue and yellow swirled band, some green may form as a result). Click the images below to view an enlarged image.

Wristband Sizing and Thumb Band Sizing

Wristband Sizing: Youth/Child (180mm or 7") | Universal/Adult (202mm or 8") | Extra Large (210mm or 8.5")

Thumb Band Sizing: Youth/Child (62mm or 2.4") | Universal/Adult (64mm or 2.5") | Extra Large (68mm or 2.7")

A $40.00 fee is assessed on top of your order total for ordering two different Sizes of wristbands

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